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Seriously Cute Pens

March 20, 2019

Seriously Cute Pens

Who doesn't love a cute pen?? Seriously, who has ever said 'ya know given the choice I think I'd rather just have a plain ole black pen?" Okay there are probably a few but chances are since you're here, you're not one of them. Yay!

I've collected a few over the years, some I use and some were just too damn pretty not to have. Here are my top 8 favs- Feel free to share your favorite brands and styles with me too!


Favorite #1- Floral and Gold 

Seriously Pretty Pens- Emmi's Finds Blog

I found these little beauties wandering around Pier 1 Imports recently, kind of unexpectedly. I can't say I spend a whole hell of a lot of time in Pier 1 but I was surprised to see office supplies- I thought they just had expensive furniture and wall decor. Happy surprise! 


Favorite # 2- Rustic Chic

Seriously Cute Pens featured on Emmi's Finds Blog

We all know Hobby Lobby is an incredibly place to find craft supplies and home decor, and I found these babies along side some adorable matching stationery! I make my own stationery so obvs I didn't buy it but I just couldn't pass up these rustic chic pens. Swoon~


Favorite #3- Glam

Seriously Cute Pens- Gold Diamond Pens-

If these diamond tipped pens dont scream Glamerous then nothing does! Found on Amazon, this particular set comes with a bundle of rose gold ones too. It was the best deal I could find on them, some of these are freakin expensive! I got this set of 10 pens for right around 15 bucks. They really glam up my work space and make me feel super fabulous! 

Favorite #4- Rose Gold Floral

Seriously Cute Pens-Floral Pens-Decorative Pens

I'm obsessed with this floral print! It pairs so beautifully with the rose gold accents, and of all the metallics out there rose gold is my favs. (aside from Metallica of course) These came from my favorite box store- Marshalls- I could spend a couple hours easily walking around and looking at all the things I shouldn't buy! For me its worse than going to Target, which is really saying something. 


Favorite #5- Polka Dots & Tassles

Cute Pens Stationery Decorative Pens

 How much fun are these!? The little tassles at the top make me soooo happy while writing, which is usually a Thank You card to a customer. They caught my eye at Staples while I was making a supply run, and I had to add them to my collection. I think of all the pens I own I'd have to say these are my favorite. The print combined with the tassles are just too damn cute!


Tell me about your favs! Where do you shop for seriously cute pens? Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back next Wednesday with some new Finds!

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