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Get more sales as an artist on Etsy

May 14, 2018

Get more sales as an artist on Etsy

So you've opened an Etsy shop, or you're thinking of opening a shop? Congrats! This is a very exciting time, and I have a few helpful tips I would love to share with you to help you reach more people and get more sales.

Etsy is a huge marketplace for handmade goods, and there are few things you can't find there. So how do you make sure you're found among the thousands of listings?


Etsy is a HUGE marketplace. There are literally thousands of listings in each niche department and the only way you're going to rise above the rest is to have photos that are better than the rest.

Artist, meet the digital world of superimposing your art images onto interior wall spaces. Once you have taken a well lit color correct image of your work from head on you can simply upload your art to any of the apps listed below, drag and drop them onto the walls, and download the image.

*On a side note, make sure the camera is level with the art so your photo will be square. You don't want to end up cropping out part of your work with you crop the background out!

While you'll want to also include images of just your artwork as well as close up images of your work, the majority of your photos should be showcasing your art in a variety of different styled spaces. Consumers typically are unable to visualize what your artwork will look like in their homes, so taking the time to show them will go a long way in helping them choose to purchase from you.

Here's a few to get you started-

1. iArtView

iArtView is an iOS app created for artists to upload photos of their artwork as well as photos of the space you would like to superimpose your artwork onto. It also doubles as a sort of website that you can share with potential customers. There are stock wall images available as well as any wall images you take and upload to the app. The app automatically scales your art on the walls too which is a plus.

Basic package starts at $3.99 a month. You have the option to pay for a yearly subscription up front, but I would recommend buying one month at a time until you're happy with the package option you choose. Once you buy a year bundle you cannot upgrade. On the upside you can directly upload images to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email.

2. WallApp

Don't be confused, although this imaging tool is called WallApp it is not an app. Which is one of my favorite features, but that's just me. WallApp is a simple and free to use drag-and-drop tool that allows you to see your artwork on a variety of walls. You can also upload photos of your own wall space. There are around 20 wall images available, so you may run out of options fairly quickly. But its free, and ya cant argue with that.

3.Mockup Scene Creator PSD

This is a pretty awesome tool that is compatible with Photoshop that you can buy for $35. You can also try it for free with limited capabilities or buy a monthly subscription to unlock more tools starting at $5. There are sooooo many options with this tool, especially if you sell prints or photographs! There are several framing options available to show off your work, and you can change up individual elements on the desk. From cats to cacti you can put nearly anything on your desk to compliment your work.


2. Tags, Titles and Descriptions

Etsy loooooves consistency. Between your Titles, Descriptions and Tags there needs to be repetition in the words you use.


This is especially important for artists. One of the biggest mistakes I see artists make is using the "title" of their piece of art as the title of their Etsy listing. Its just not the same thing. The title of each listing should be a compilation of popular search terms that would be used to find your item.

Use Style, Content, Size and Finish descriptive words in your title.

If someone is searching Etsy for a painting, it's probably safe to say that this complete stranger isn't going to type "In between the smiles" (or whatever your artwork title is) into the search engine. They don't know what you've decided to name your artwork. They might know what style they're looking for or where they want to display it, so use their language to help them find you. They might use terms like

popular tags used for artists on Etsy

Think about these kinds of descriptive words and how they relate to your artwork.

Then think about where someone might display your art, and how its finished.  Customers might be searching for

popular tags used by artists on Etsy
If your artwork has discernible content be sure to include that in the title as well. Perhaps using the title Large Abstract Painting-Bedroom Wall Decor-Acrylic on Canvas-Framed Art would be enough, but when possible you should include the content of your artwork. Is your abstract painting of a landscape? Is your watercolor floral or animal related? Is your oil painting a still life or of a particular object? Use the content to make your artwork even more searchable!

*Remember that in most cases the customers that are searching for art are not necessarily trained artists themselves, so they may not know the proper terms for the exact style of your art. Include general descriptive words as well as niche ones. 


Use the same words!
Now, this is an art in and of itself. The description section of your listing needs to do two things very well. It needs to 1. get your listing to come up in searches and 2. make people buy your work. Use the first short paragraph in your description to string together the same terms you've used in your title. For example,
Title- Large Original Abstract Painting- Living room Wall Decor- Seascape- Blue, Teal and Green Modern Abstract Art- Finished Edges- Hanging Hardware included
Description- Decorate your living room wall with this beautiful large blue, teal and green abstract seascape painting. This modern and original wall decor will look stunning in any setting with finished edges and hanging hardware included makes it ready to hang anywhere in your home.
Other things you should include in your description-


You could also include at the end either a snippet about yourself or the inspiration/story behind the painting.

*Most of the time customers are scrolling for quick answers so avoid long paragraphs. A lot of time this is how information is missed, and can cause miscommunications between you and the buyer which rarely ends well. Stick with bullet points, and you could put important information in capitol letters or underlined so it draws attention.

A confused customer rarely if ever buys, so be sure to give them all the information they need to know to make the purchase, in a clear and easy to understand format.


Once again, use the same words you used in your Title as your tags. Use all 13 available tags, even if you don't have 13 words in your title. You can use variations of the words you used in your titles, or different combinations of those words. You can also use terms that are related to your item. Think about what visitors from other countries might search for to find your work. For example, in America we tend to call a Planner either a planner or an agenda, but in some other countries they're called a diary. So in my Etsy tags I also use things like "undated diary" or "2018-2019 diary" so that I will also show up in those related searches.


3. Variety in size and price

Yea it would be amazing to sell all of your artwork at several hundred dollars each, but consider offering a variety of price points to appeal to customers of any financial background.

If you're used to working in a large scale format consider that someone may not have the wall space available for a 4'x5' painting but they may have just the perfect space for an 18"x24", or vice versa.

4. Get great reviews without asking for them

Asking a customer for a review is ok, but imagine how great it would be to have every customer leave a shining review without having to be asked. When a customer is genuinely excited and impressed with what they've received they are far more likely to take the time to log back into Etsy and leave a review.

How do you do that?

They already know what they're getting when they purchase something from you, at least as far as the product is concerned. Where you have room to impress the socks off your buyers is with customer service and packaging.

Send your customer a thank you note. Not a quick thank you message from the Etsy app, although I recommend doing that in addition to actually writing them a thank you note. I buy art on Etsy regularly and my favorite deliveries have included lovely and personal hand written thank you notes. I'm especially a big fan of the ones that have little doodles on them.

Packaging- Your art definitely needs to be protected, but over doing it or under doing it is ultimately underwhelming to the buyer. There is something so satisfying about pulling a perfectly wrapped canvas with nice corner protectors out of a well fitting and appropriately sized box that is easy to unwrap (read not covered in 35 layers of saran wrap)


I'll give you an example of the best wrapping job I've ever received.


This medium sized canvas was wrapped first in wax paper, cut to fit the dimensions of the painting. Wax paper protects the painting from sticking to anything. It then had a layer of bubble wrap, also cut to size. Then it was lightly and neatly saran wrapped at the edges to keep the corner protectors and bubble wrap in place. Front and center of the bubble wrap was a thank you card taped to it with my name on it. It was utter perfection and I was so impressed I immediately left the artist a review. Immediately. Not the next time I happened to log into Etsy and remembered I could leave a review.

Of course it helped that the painting was beautiful, but the point is that I had expected the painting but not anything else. The rest was icing on the cake, and for that I left the artist one of the best reviews I have ever left.

What has worked for you? Share your tips and tricks below-



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